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Brembo Racing
Radial Brake Master Cylinder Brembo Racing 14 RCS fold-up lever 18-20 ratio

Radial Brake Master Cylinder Brembo Racing 14 RCS fold-up lever 18-20 ratio

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This is a UNIVERSAL PRODUCT and you must to evaluate if it is adaptable on yuor motorbike. You can send a question to us if you are some doubt.

The RCS device consists into an eccentric drive that allows to select the pump lever ratio between 18 and 20 mm, to obtain the ideal feeling among the rider, his driving style, the bike and the course: simply selecting the lever ratio, it is now possible  to have a more reactive system (20 mm) or a more adjustable one(18 mm).

RCS brake master cylinder are available in several versions: 19, 17, 15 e 14. These numbers indicate the piston diameter and define the application of the master cylinders: 19RCS for double discs systems with axial or radial four pistons calipers (pistons bigger than ø 32 mm), 17RCS as above but with calipers with pistons ø 32 or 30 (Brembo M50), 15RCS for single disc systems (SuperMoto) or dual floating two pistons calipers (4 pistons in total), 14 RCS for single disc system and two pistons caliper. The RCS range also includes 3 versions of clutch master cylinders: 19, 17 16. 


Technical features of RCS system: 
Adjustable ratio: RCS system
This new patented device allows to modify the pump lever ratio on two values, 18 or 20 mm, by simply rotation of the eccentric drive placed on the front of the lever drive. By the RCS system – Ratio Click System – it is very easy to pass from one configuration to the other one, modifying the lever ratio to adjust it to the different characteristics of the braking system, of the usage and driving, such as, for ex., the wet or dry conditions, asphalt with more or less grip, circuit with strong braking. 
This adjustment is the element missing till now to get the ideal feeling among the rider, the driving style, the bike and the circuit.
NB. The red spot on the eccentric drive identifies position 18mm of the lever ratio, while black indicates position 20mm.
Moto GP Piston
Piston, seals and push rod are the same as those used in the official MotoGP and SBK master 
cylinders: very narrow tolerances for the highest precision while braking.
Produced in forged aluminium alloy, is partially CNC machined and then finished by hard anodizing process.
It is made by two main components: the lever drive and the “half” folding lever, both produced in forged aluminium with black finishing.
Micro-Switch for Rear Brake Light
For road use of the 19RCS M/C, the body has a dedicated housing for a rear light micro-switch, included in the box.
Technical features of this model:
Material Forged aluminium
Ø Piston mm 14
Lever ratio 18-20
Lever type
Single/double disc         DOUBLE
Surface protection Hard anodized
Weight (mm) 350
Brake light micro-switch Yes
Handlebar fixing Ø (mm) 22,2
Fits a M10x1,0 mm bajo adapter (normaly japan bikes has M10x1,25mm one), and Oem axial master cylinder brakes hoses could not fit radial mc, we can supply specific brake hoses or the adapter for standard brake hoses (clich here for find it).
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