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Gift card

Gift card

Product code: GIFTCARD

For each order you get a DISCOUNT COUPON
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1) For every order over € 20 you will receive a DISCOUNT COUPON equal to 5% of the amount spent (excluding shipping costs and product in special deal)

2) You will be able to use the DISCOUNT COUPON on your next order

3) The DISCOUNT COUPON will be sent to you 3 days after your order has been shipped

4) The DISCOUNT COUPON is valid for 60 days from the moment you receive it

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Making a gift is never a trivial and obvious thing and then let's face it, we motorcyclists prefer to spend time with our bike rather than choosing a gift, but MotoRacingShop has the solution for you: the GIFT CARD

Why buy a gift Card?

By purchasing a gift voucher you will be sure of:

- don't give away something useless
- don't buy a un-liked gift
- don't give a double gift
- choose the precise amount that falls within your budget
- do not make mistakes size
- do not give away a product that is not compatible with the bike
- you won't have to worry about delivery times

In addition to all these advantages, the MotoRacingShop gift voucher has a duration of one year, so the person who will receive the voucher can calmly choose what to buy.

In addition, the voucher will NOT be used by force in a single solution, but may be used for more purchases until the amount donated is reached.


What happens after you purchase the voucher?

1) We will take care of everything, even if you have decided at the last minute the gift voucher will be sent immediately to the recipient

2) We will send you an email to confirm the purchase of the voucher.

3) We will send an e-mail to the recipient, if you do not have the recipient's e-mail address or you want to receive the gift voucher to deliver it in person, simply write your e-mail address in the recipient e-mail

4) You will be able to customize the email we will send to the recipient with a dedicated message

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